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Hotels in Greece


One of the world’s most popular tourist destinations, Greece is made up of around 3,000 islands and the southerly peninsular of mainland Europe. Greece has a lot to offer the visitors to its shores, and we have the perfect Greece Hotel for everyone. With 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites scattered over the Greek landscape, there are plenty of natural and cultural sites to gaze upon when visiting. Each region is vastly different from another offering such architectural and terrain diversity from the forests of the north to the beaches, mountainous islands, wine valleys and immense olive orchards in the south.

Popular Destinations in Greece

• Mainland Greece, home to the bustling capital, Athens is the perfect place to get your dose of Greek heritage. Visiting Athens you must trek up to the Acropolis, towering over 150 meters above the skyline the Parthenon dominates the summit, from below it has that iconic image of Greece, from the top on a clear day allows you to see for miles into the heat hazed horizon. From your cool Athens Hotel step out in to the heat of the Greek day and explore why Greece is one of the most visited countries in the entire world.

• Greek Islands, each one of the islands offer something different, whether it is the whitewashed blue domed houses of Santorini or the party filled streets of Kos, one of the 140 inhabited islands will certainly have a Greece Hotel just for you. One common feature of all the Greek Islands is that they all have miles stunning sandy beaches for you to lye back and soak up the Mediterranean sun. Apart from the beaches each island has a different way of life, like each is its own independent country, this makes your choice of choosing the perfect Greece Hotel even easier as each island is a specialist at something different from the next meaning that you can island hop with cheap hotels and feel you’re in a different country every time.


The Greek weather is typically Mediterranean, long hot dry summers through June till September bring in temperatures ranging up towards 35 °C although this can vary from island to island. To the winter months, December till February, temperatures are relatively mild although sometimes falling as low as 8 °C on average.


The Greek weather is typically Mediterranean; long hot dry summers through June till September bring in temperatures ranging up towards 35 °C

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