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Hotels in Portugal

Portugal and Madeira

Mainland Portugal is the most westerly country of all Europe, it takes advantage of 3000 hours of sunshine every year and over 525 miles of beaches wrapping around the coastline, it is the perfect place to find a Portugal hotel for any occasion. Isolated from the other main Canary Islands, Madeira is the greenest of all the islands, full off floral wonder in the towns and villages dotted around the coast, to the interior of the island that is a mountainous UNESCO world heritage site, Laurisilva forest is the largest of its kind in the world.

Popular Destinations

  • The Algarve, covering the most southerly tip, to the Spanish boarder the Algarve is a popular destination amongst travellers for beach hotels, offering a warm Mediterranean climate, welcoming locals and miles of gorgeous sandy beaches lined with Algarve Hotels. Faro the capital of the Algarve offers a stunning variety of cultural attractions and traditional features of a Portuguese holiday.

· The capital, Lisbon has many cheap city hotels that can act as a platform to explore this wonderful city from. This heritage rich city in essence resembles the Portuguese culture in perfect bite size sections for you to explore day-to-day, from its museums to its magnificent cathedral and churches.

  • Madeira , An archipelago and the most beautiful of all the Canary Islands, is host to lots amazing scenery and equally stunning Madeira hotels. Funchal, the capital, and a very vibrant one at that, has street markets in the harbour selling bright flowers and locally made goods. The cable car that rises up the mountain that Funchal backs on to takes you to a hidden botanical garden; once you’ve finished exploring the gardens why not take a wicker toboggan sled down the winding roads back to your Madeira Hotel.


Weather in mainland Portugal varies on the region. In the Algarve the hottest months of the year are between July and August and average around 29 °C, thanks to its proximity to North Africa it also has a very low rainfall in the peak seasons. Madeira has its warmest months in Augu

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