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Club Hotel Sera 5 stars

Lara (near Antalya), Antalya Area, 07003, 0090 242 349 34 34

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Hotel Information

Perfectly positioned on Turkey's sunshine-rich southern coast, Lara is a district of the city of Antalya perched on the edge of a picturesque bay of the Mediterranean. One of the most visited cities in the world, Antalya has plenty of historic and cultural sights, such as Hadrian's Gate and Kesik Menare, while Lara is home to a long sandy beach – one of the largest in the country in fact.

The Club Hotel Sera is situated right next to the beach, and is also conveniently located for many of the top attractions in the area. Antalya International Airport is a short bus or taxi ride away from the hotel.

Hotel Facilities

Additional Hotel Information

There are more than 500 guest bedrooms at the Club Hotel Sera, each of which has its own private bathroom with a shower or bath. Other amenities include satellite TV, air conditioning and a safety deposit box for storing your valuables in. Many rooms have balconies so you can enjoy your surroundings in a private environment if you so choose. The hotel offers all-inclusive accommodation, and has multiple a la carte restaurants catering to all palates of the culinary spectrum, with offerings from Turkey, the Mediterranean and even Mongolia! You can also grab breakfast, lunch and dinner in one of a selection of buffet restaurants. There are both outdoor and indoor swimming pools and a separate swimming area for kids, as well as a playground. Adults can relax in the spa by indulging in a Turkish bath or taking a sauna, whilst there also a variety of water sports on offer for more adventurous visitors.