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Bodrum Beach Club Hotel 5 stars

Torba, Bodrum Area, 00 90 252 337 1080

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Hotel Information

The Bodrum Beach Club Hotel has a terrific oceanfront location, on the south coast of Turkey, set around a central pool and inviting gardens. The 210 modern guest rooms are spread over 9 low-rise blocks, and an extensive range of facilities complements an All Inclusive package offered. Couples and families can enjoy water sports in the pool or on the beach, court sports etc, dine inside and out, and indulge in Spa treatments. The Bodrum Beach Club Hotel invites you to have a care-free holiday and make the most of their hospitality, right now!

Getting to the hotel: 27 km to the airport.

Local Tips: It is 13 km to Bodrum city centre and marina facilities – take the opportunity to explore the many attractions.

Please Note – Rates are exclusive to European Union passport holders only.

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