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Lotus Hotel 4 stars

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, +971 4 2278888

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Hotel Information

Lotus Hotel

The Lotus Hotel is an impressive professional place to stay in the heart of Deira which is the more traditional side of Dubai, full of local character and famous for the bustling old Souks of gold and spices. Perfectly placed for business and also with good access to the excellent luxury shopping malls, the local fish market and the vibrant Al Rigga Road, this is a great combination for leisure and business. The guest rooms have high speed internet connection to suit the need of every business and corporate guest, and a spacious business centre. The Lotus Hotel offers first class service, good dining options and is also child friendly. Enjoy Dubai in style when you stay at the comfortable Lotus Hotel.

Getting to the hotel: Just 4 km from the Dubai International Airport - you can book a transfer with when you book your hotel. Alternatively if you wish to book a transfer only, please visit

Please note rates and conditions are not available to residents of the following countries – Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman, Iraq, U.A.E, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Libya, Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.

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